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25 March 2006

Jackarity ensues

KOJK, JackFM™, is now on the air from its precarious perch in Blanchard, where it beams out with the power of ten billion butterfly sneezes 1,000 watts, making it the second-weakest of the weak-sister rimshooters in the metro area. (KINB, "La Indomable", belies its imaging with a meager 930 watts; it's no wonder they're now simulcasting on AM, coincidentally at 930 kHz.)

According to the FCC, KOJK should be able to put a city-grade signal as far north as SW 36th Street in Oklahoma City, with diminishing returns beyond that; the station should have good coverage in Cleveland County, but the closer you get to Edmond, the weaker it gets. From my own listening post west of 50 Penn Place, the Model 88s bring it in pretty well; the Big Receiver in the living room, which has one of those antiquated (and much-missed on newer gear) signal-strength meters, deflects to 2 out of 5. (Most of the bigger FMs in town run 4.5 or so.) My clock-radio, a weird Sony doorstop-like thing, barely acknowledges Jack; the portable in the kitchen can't find Jack at all.

No power increases are in the offing: at 97.3, Jack is short-spaced to Bob (KQOB, at 96.9), and there's a translator of The Love Station at 97.3 in Guthrie (K247AH) which runs about 86 watts and almost reaches Waterloo Road. These signals, decree the Feds, must be kept apart.

Still, this situation is not much different from what's happening to KVSP, the R&B/hip-hop station at 103.5 which transmits with 100,000 watts — all the way from Anadarko, and which actually covers Lawton better than it does Oklahoma City.

Posted at 12:27 PM to Overmodulation

I also get them at the strength of 2 out of 5. I have noticed driving around town that it comes in pretty well in the car which is where most people will be listening.

When BOB first came on it also came in 2 out of 5 but now it comes in just like the others.

Like BOB though which hardly plays a true "BOB" format this JACK isn't a true "JACK" either. There are no train wreck segues at all. In fact it sounds almost boringly like just another Classic Rock station.

If you want to hear the real "JACK" format go here

Posted by: ms7168 at 1:00 PM on 25 March 2006

The thing you have to remember with Jack is that the original format is offered only in the top 40 radio markets; below that, you get a licensed Jack version distributed by ABC. And as big as we think we are, we're only the 53rd radio market.

I suspect Tyler Media will be deliriously happy if they can get a 4 share out of this. (This is what Bob pulls, on average; KRXO usually gets a 5 or so.)

And it was amusing to hear the signal disappear almost completely when I pulled into a car wash at 9111 North May.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:44 PM on 25 March 2006

The Guthrie Translator at 97.3 is now silent, as of Tuesday, March 21. You can go to the Ponca City's radio station, and it says that the FCC required them to silence the translator because KOJK gets priority over a translator. You can punch in the translator's calls at and it also indicates that the translator is silent.

Posted by: scooby214 at 12:49 PM on 27 March 2006

Well, that would seem to take care of that issue, anyway, though it's not going to do a whole lot to improve Jack's fringe reception (and by "fringe" one can read "north of 63rd").

Thanks for the update.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:00 PM on 27 March 2006