The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

30 March 2006

Pier pressure

March misses the old Pier 1 Imports:

The new Pier 1 is a downscale Pottery Barn, with cheaply made furniture, candles in scents I don't want, and wall art I don't like. I want my funky old Pier 1 with that fell-off-the-ship hodgepodge of hemp clothing, ancient powdery teas, mystery spice bags, ratty posters, weird creepy wood bibelots, etc. Not because I really need any of that stuff. I just miss the smell. If you could bottle the unique, spicy, musty, foreign smell of the Original Pier One, I'd be first in line to buy it. I'd use it as a room spray. They donít even carry baskets any more. Yeesh.

I remember when Wilcox Records moved off 23rd Street to across from Penn Square and then died a miserable death; the space was filled by a Pier 1. Of the old configuration. At the time, I was resentful; I have since backpedaled — slightly.

Posted at 7:22 AM to Dyssynergy

... and I miss the old Banana Republic ... with that same "fell off the boat" and "some 3rd world nation selling its army surplus stuff" feel ... and the catalogs were works of art (and prose) ... the "new" Banana Republic (ala GAP) sucks and is nothing more than a mall shop for the tragically chic.

Posted by: Ron at 11:02 AM on 30 March 2006