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30 March 2006

Non-Judgmental, I guess

The last time the United Church of Christ came up with a "controversial" television ad, it got a rhetorical shrug from this quarter; it struck me as earnest but mild, hardly worth the brouhaha — unless you're one of those people who believe that churches ought to have someone permanently stationed at the door scanning entrants with a Manual Gaydar Device, in which case you might have actually thought it, well, controversial. (More about it here.)

Well, they're at it again:

This time around a traditional American family looks horrified at the non-traditional church goers — single mother, gay couple, Hispanic or Middle-Eastern —and each one is literally ejected. The tagline is "God doesn't reject people, neither do we."

Which, I suppose, is probably slightly pithier than "You must be this holy to ride this pew."

Posted at 1:26 PM to Immaterial Witness

I think I must be missing something in the ad. "God doesn't reject people, neither do we." But, um, isn't ejecting just about the same as rejecting?

This is the sort of thing that bothers me about the United Churches of Christ: they are "holier than thou" and yet they preach against being "holier than thou". I think they're brewing up controversy and trying to make themselves look better by putting others down. That is clearly not a Christian principle.

But, then, I know you weren't trying to get into all that. I'll just close by saying the ad's message is a bit ironic.

Posted by: Jan at 9:02 PM on 30 March 2006