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7 April 2006

Paper cuts

Gayle cleans out the old billfold, and look what happens:

I was cleaning out my wallet at work and had all these useless business cards I was dumping out on the table along with receipts and other built up wallet junk. The woman I am working with this night says "I bet all those cards came from men". "Yeah, looks like most of them are, why?" I ask.

"Well", she continues, "I know two things in this life for sure. One. Never trust people that say 'trust me'. And two, men give out business cards to women they want to sleep with".

"As if!" I reply. I'm sure that's not what these men intended. I mean most of them were handed to me in a professional business setting. "Well", she continues, "it's a subtle way to maybe get lucky, and ask youself what other purpose the card really serves in each of the cases you got one".

I looked over all the cards. I tried visualizing the context I was given each one. At the time they all seemed professionally appropriate or at least not socially perverted. But in all these cases there was also really no good purpose to give me their card.

Two observations. First, this from Costa:

Maybe it's an old boys' network tradition, going hand-in-hand with the two-martini lunch. Personally, I had no overt intentions along these lines. I really just wanted to generate some low-impact publicity for the blog, and my own self. I'm wondering now if the women to whom I doled out cards thought I was on the make.... I probably was, but I didn't want to make it this obvious.

And from me: It has never, ever occurred to me that it might be worthwhile to have a batch of business cards printed up. And the card does have the ability to pass on one's phone number.

[Cut to Dean Friedman's "Ariel," collecting for the Friends of 'BAI in Paramus Park, who writes her number on the back of his hand.]

Sometimes even my grasp of the obvious is tenuous and insecure.

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I think that there are two reasons for men giving out business cards to women: 1. sleep with the card receiver 2. sell something to the card receiver in the event item #1 is a bust.

Posted by: belhoste at 9:42 AM on 7 April 2006

Why -have- them printed up? Buy the cardstock, then design and print your own.

Posted by: unimpressed at 3:22 PM on 7 April 2006

After looking at this site, you think I have a sense of design?

Posted by: CGHill at 3:27 PM on 7 April 2006