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9 April 2006

The Vitamin D test

The idea this afternoon was to drag the notebook outside and test for the feasibility of backyard blogging/sunbathing.


  • The Wi-Fi signal reaches just about anywhere in the back yard with at least 11 Mbit/sec. I didn't test out front, but since the house is pretty much in the center of the lot, I'd expect similar results in the front yard.

  • Surprisingly high novelty value, at least at first.

  • All the usual advantages of soaking up the sun.


  • The more sun you have, the harder it is to read the screen.

  • All the usual disadvantages of soaking up the sun.

Call it a qualified success for now.

Posted at 5:46 PM to Birthday Suitable , General Disinterest

That would account for those strange tan lines I've seen lately.

Posted by: belhoste at 8:56 PM on 9 April 2006

That's funny, I was doing the exact same thing yesterday. Ditto on the screen glare.

Posted by: Kevin Holtsberry at 9:12 PM on 9 April 2006

Yeah, screen glare always was a problem for me. Add fear of overheating (my notebooks always run hot anyway) and profuse perspiration, and the novelty factor wasn't enough to risk it.

Posted by: CT at 9:22 PM on 9 April 2006