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10 April 2006

Not including taxes

A Malaysian man has been billed $218 trillion for final charges on a disconnected phone line.

According to the New Straits Times, Yahaya Wahab ordered his late father's telephone service turned off in January and sent in $23 to pay the final bill; he wasn't aware of any additional charges until he received the nastygram from Telekom Malaysia's collection agent.

Telekom Malaysia Bhd is connected to the Malaysian government, which suggests some form of bureaucratic bungling. Here in the States, it would never, ever occur to Verizon or AT&T to bill any residential subscriber for more than $50 billion.

(Heard this morning on NPR's Morning Edition.)

Posted at 7:31 AM to Dyssynergy

I'll be happy to go collect on that bill, for a modest collection fee of 10%.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:19 AM on 10 April 2006

Since that article was on the C-BS site, I would have loved to hear a quote from the unnamed telecom official claiming that the bill was "fake but accurate".

Posted by: hatless in hattiesburg at 1:44 PM on 10 April 2006