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10 April 2006

Cavalier treatment

Just how bad is the Third-Quarter Drought™? The Hornets scored 37 in the second quarter tonight and twelve in the third. The Cavaliers, meanwhile, picked up 29 in each, so the Bees' 11-point halftime lead turned into a six-point deficit going into the fourth.

The Hornets almost redeemed themselves in the last quarter, but the operative word is "almost": with half a second left, LeBron James picked up his 13th field goal of the night (for 32 points) and put Cleveland in front, 103-101.

It wasn't all LeBron, either; Flip Murray sank three treys and scored 25, and Donyell Marshall, off the bench, picked up 16 with four treys.

Chris Paul led the Bees with 22 points; Speedy Claxton had 14, as did David West, who departed with an ankle injury midway through the fourth. Three other Hornets scored in double figures.

Meanwhile, playoff hopes are, as Sean Kelley said, "on the ropes." And what kind of game is it when an official leaves with an injury?

The Sonics will be here Wednesday, the Jazz on Friday, and the season ends with three games on the road.

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