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12 April 2006

The post-Brendan era

The new editor of Out, reports Andrew Sullivan, is straight:

Money quote from the hetero:

"The gay community has always been at the forefront of defining pop culture and fashion, and never more so than today. While magazines like Details are gay only when it suits them, we are unequivocally gay and forward-looking."

What you mean "we", white man? Seriously, I think it's great that a straight guy is now heading up a gay magazine. Integration is now the baseline from which many of us operate. Good for Out for being unafraid to pick talent over identity.

Me, I buy it for the travel guide, and occasionally to wonder about the relative dearth of lesbian fashion coverage.

Update, 4:30 pm, 13 April: Sullivan recants.

Posted at 4:31 PM to Almost Yogurt

That's because "lesbian fashion" is an oxymoron. Although I guess just because it's not fashionable doesn't mean it's not fashion.

Fashion fashion fashion. Fashion.

Posted by: Erica at 7:38 PM on 12 April 2006

I dunno. Ellen always looked pretty good, even when she was playing straight. (There was a Fox series back in the late 80s called Duet, which after a couple of seasons of so-so romantic comedy was moved to a real-estate office and retitled Open House; Ellen played a seriously man-hungry receptionist.)

(It is a measure of Ellen's stature that she's now referred to by a single name, like Cher or Oprah or Sting.)

(Yes, I know: too many parentheses.)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:57 PM on 12 April 2006

(Its ok) ... it has class (style, panache, 'elan)

Posted by: Ron at 8:52 AM on 13 April 2006

The new editor is not straight. There appears to be nothing that Sullivan can't get completely wrong.

Posted by: Matt at 3:36 PM on 13 April 2006

Oddly, I just saw that a couple of minutes ago and was cranking up MT to post a correction, but this will do nicely, thank you.

(Poor Andrew. Is it the Time connection, or something else, that's addled his brain?)

Posted by: CGHill at 3:41 PM on 13 April 2006