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13 April 2006

The Seattle shuffle

The Sonics moving to Oklahoma City? It's news to Mayor Cornett:

Although the Seattle SuperSonics said in their Board of Governors statement last week that they have had "numerous inquiries" from potential buyers, Oklahoma City is not among the cities that have called, Mayor Mick Cornett said.

Cornett also said the Sonics have not called him or the ownership group put together to acquire an NBA franchise on the city’s behalf in an effort to gauge their interest in acquiring the Sonics.

Sonics CEO Wally Walker attended Wednesday’s game, but he declined to be interviewed for this story. He said his presence in Oklahoma City has nothing to do with the Sonics' recent decision to announce they would sell. He said he was traveling on personal business and stopped to catch the road game.

On the other hand, Walker would be remiss in his duties to the Sonics if he didn't check out all the possibilities, however unlikely.

And certainly The Mick thinks it's unlikely:

"Professional sports these days seems to come down to the venue and the lease," Cornett said. "The Sonics are one of four franchises that has been identified as a potential long-term tenant for this arena. There are numerous scenarios for Oklahoma City, and in all of those scenarios we wind up with a team. In one of these scenarios, we wind up with Seattle. But I think it is a long shot. I really think Seattle at the end of the day will find a way to keep them."

The elephant — um, the insect — in the room will not, of course, be discussed.

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