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18 April 2006

Stan was the man

Yours truly, July 1999:

It may be too early to dub Stan Tiner the White Knight of the Black Tower. Eddie Gaylord, even though he's off playing Nashville mogul — the Opryland properties are owned by Gaylord Entertainment, an Oklahoman offshoot that eventually went public — could theoretically come back at any time and turn back the clock.

"At any time" turned out to be the end of that very year. How has Tiner fared since then? Matt Deatherage reports:

Tiner, who said the loss of his job was "devastating" but refused to comment, went back to his native Alabama. In May 2000, he took the executive editor position of the Biloxi, MS, Sun-Herald.

On Monday, the Sun-Herald shared the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service with the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Who knows what heights the Oklahoman might have reached, had Stan Tiner been allowed to do things his way?

(Prompted by Okiedoke.)

Posted at 8:12 AM to Almost Yogurt

Stan WAS the man ... no doubt! I had the pleasure of meeting him during those heady times in Oklahoma and I was impressed with his hard hitting approach to journalism but his good nature as a man. His front page article on Atheism was a shocker for old man Gaylord (some say the one of the things that led to his downfall).

Sounds like he landed on his feet :)

Posted by: Ron at 8:54 AM on 18 April 2006

Oh, Chaz....You are so right. Tiner was a REAL newspaper man. The short time he was here at least he made some aesthetic changes that are still with us.

Posted by: MIkeSwi... at 12:04 PM on 18 April 2006

I second what you guys have said. Before Stan Tiner's arrival in Oklahoma, he was editor at the Mobile (Ala.) Register. He did a tremendous job there in the '90s. With the support of his publisher, Tiner showed impressive newsroom vision and helped raise that paper to a remarkable level of excellence.

I was not surprised that he has done the same in Biloxi.

Geitner Simmons
editorial page editor
Omaha World-Herald

Posted by: Geitner Simmons at 12:47 AM on 19 April 2006