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18 April 2006

Only six?

Jan requests half a dozen "weird facts/things/habits", and asking me this is something like asking a porcupine to scratch your back, but what the heck. (Besides, I've already gone public with more than four dozen such things, but since you didn't read them, or anyway she didn't read them, I'm engaging in the oft-debased art of repurposing content.)

  • The Army originally planned to make a chaplain's assistant of me.
  • I put on the left sock, then the left shoe, then the right sock, then the right shoe.
  • I have every issue of Entertainment Weekly.
  • I have been known to dun creditors for failing to bill me on time.
  • Some people can play music but can't read it; I can read it, sort of, but can't play.
  • I have worn the same watch (a cheap Casio electronic) since 1980.

And she wants half a dozen other people tagged with this, but I demur: the world's going to end next month anyway and we'll all have to kiss Andrea's, um, ring.

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I do the shoe thing too. Let's start a group on MySpace!!

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 4:34 PM on 18 April 2006

The fourth one is not weird, so much, as it is vaguely un-American.

The third one, though. Now *that* threw me for a loop.

Posted by: Jennifer at 8:10 PM on 18 April 2006

At least I see you didn't leave out the most telling one, courtesy of the 3WC. :-)

Posted by: Jennifer at 8:12 PM on 18 April 2006

Should I add that I meant to say "revealing" as opposed to "telling"?

Or should I just, you know, finally shut up now?

Posted by: Jennifer at 8:13 PM on 18 April 2006

Regarding EW: I was a charter subscriber back in 1990; for some reason I keep renewing the darn thing. Issue #900 is approaching.

I didn't include the Lack O'Jammies because I didn't think it was weird, as called for in the meme.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:23 PM on 18 April 2006

I didn't think it weird, either.

Just notable for its, shall we say, absence.

Posted by: Jennifer at 11:52 AM on 19 April 2006