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20 April 2006

Delta is toast

And here's the crust:

[T]he nation's No. 3 airline is asking some 50,000 employees to volunteer to clean aircraft at night on their own time. Their reward: a free T-shirt, reward points good for merchandise and a chance to show their pride in the airline.

Employees will pull four- and eight-hour shifts to clean interior windows and walls, "scrape stuff from tray tables and floors ... if there's gum on the floor," said spokesman Anthony Black. Cleaning lavatories is part of the drill, too.

They may be No. 3, but this sounds like No. 2 to me. Wal-Mart must be wondering why they didn't think of this. (They didn't, did they?)

(Via The Consumerist.)

Posted at 3:27 PM to Dyssynergy

As long as they don't start making passengers clean the terlets...

Posted by: McGehee at 9:19 AM on 22 April 2006