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23 April 2006

The Force has been notified

Fan fiction is tolerated, barely, by the copyright owners. And God (or George Lucas) forbid that it should get out into the open, where the lawyers will have a field day.

Exhibit A: this self-published, unlicensed Star Wars book.

John Scalzi provides a pertinent excerpt from the "Author's Interview":

Q. I find myself wondering if there was any concern on your part regarding copyrights?

A. No, because I wrote this book for myself. This is a self-published story and is not a commercial book. Yes, it is for sale on Amazon, but only my family, friends and acquaintances know it's there.

And, well, a couple of hundred of you and however many thousands read Scalzi's Whatever column or link to it.

Besides, notes Scalzi, it's offered at and Powells.

The author, I fear, is about to meet Darth Maul. In a three-piece suit.

(Via skippy the bush kangaroo.)

Posted at 11:14 AM to Say What?

Yeah, most places seem to ignore fan fiction unless it's up for sale. Then it's a problem. But free fan fic on the internet doesn't seem to draw much attention.

I've heard of a few copyright holders trying to take a draconian approach of no fan fic at all, even the free stuff online, which I think is short-sighted. One of my main motivations for getting involved in a series (and buying DVDs, books, etc.) is if I think it has good potential for smutty fan fic.

Posted by: Jacqueline at 12:59 PM on 24 April 2006

Almost anything this side of Because of Winn-Dixie would seem to have at least some potential for smutty fan fiction, but then that's my Dark Side cropping out.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:10 PM on 24 April 2006