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23 April 2006

More people I am not speaking to

Something from 571-522-1332 dialed up here shortly after dinner, mumbled something about the state military (?), paused, and then rang off with "This is a public survey call. We may call back later."

Apparently it's these guys, who seem to have been doing a lot of "public survey calls" for various GOP causes and such.

Political haranguing, of course, is exempt from the Federal Do Not Call regulations.

Posted at 7:17 PM to Wastes of Oxygen

One of these shills called on behalf of Earnest Izzaschnook tonight around 9 p.m. My wife picked it up.

Izzaschnook's voice asked her a question about the military.

"Kiss my ass," my wife said, then hung up.

Posted by: o_r_f at 10:31 PM on 23 April 2006

Be careful. Ernie might do it.

Posted by: Matt at 11:48 PM on 23 April 2006

Just for the record, "these guys" aren't my blog, but a post on my blog that's become a clearinghouse for info on these callers that are annoying people.

Posted by: George Nemeth at 7:48 AM on 24 April 2006

And we appreciate it, Mr. N. (The "these guys" link, of course, doesn't point to you.)

Posted by: CGHill at 8:17 AM on 24 April 2006

They were back this evening, around, well, 7:28.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:28 PM on 24 April 2006

I've gotten two calls from them as well. We have lots of fun explaining why they are exempt from the "Do Not Call" list. I also tire of hearing the complaints about us charging for Call Blocker as these same people feel they should be able to block calls for free.

Posted by: ms7168 at 5:26 AM on 25 April 2006