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25 April 2006

Which still doesn't justify "Celebrity Eurosport"

One of the most durable urban legends is the notion that Chevrolet's Nova sedan sold poorly in Mexico because "no va" means "it does not go" in Spanish. This tale has been thoroughly debunked over the years, including once by Snopes, but apparently it's persistent enough, even today, to warrant an official denial from General Motors.

On the other hand, American Motors is long gone, chewed up by Renault and then digested by Chrysler, but I'd love to hear them explain the AMC Matador, inasmuch as "matador" means killer — and not just of bulls, either.

Posted at 3:13 PM to Driver's Seat

Boy, am I tired of that "nova" story. The word "nova" is the same in Spanish and English.

On the toothpaste front - "Colgate" means "Hang yourself" in Spanish. There are some funny jokes about that one.

Posted by: Dan at 12:01 AM on 28 April 2006