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28 April 2006

Five times the filth

Perhaps George Carlin's most famous observation is that there are seven words you can never say on television.

In the 34 years since Carlin did this bit, television has changed somewhat; you might be able to get away with some of them on basic cable, maybe even on broadcast channels.

But not on your cell phone. Cingular, for instance, says that there are thirty-five words you can never use in a ringtone.

(Neither of these links should be considered safe for work.)

Posted at 9:04 AM to Say What?

Fart? The terrorists have won!

Posted by: Matt at 9:50 AM on 28 April 2006

Wait...the verboten list includes "lesbian" but not "gay"? "Sex" but not kill? "Penis" but not "vagina"?

The (second) linked page says it's a partial list of the banned, but also says these are "the thirty-five" terms that you can't use, so now I'm confused. Either the list is mind-bogglingly one-sided in certain areas, or there are lots more innocuous terms on the real list to balance it out…

Posted by: Matt (not the previous one) at 9:55 AM on 28 April 2006

How does Cingular feel about a ringtone that says, "If you're driving, just ignore me"?

Posted by: McGehee at 10:09 AM on 28 April 2006

I think it funny that "uncircumcised" is on the list while "circumcised" is not...

This is dumber than a box o' rocks.

Posted by: unimpressed at 4:50 PM on 28 April 2006

well ... that settles it ... my new ringtone is circumsized Republican vagina ....

Posted by: Ron at 7:14 AM on 30 April 2006