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29 April 2006

Yes sir, yes sir, two tanks full

Dan Lovejoy is not enjoying this latest doofus proposal from the Stupid Party:

Now our idiot Republican congress wants to just spit $100 per person back to us to help with gas purchases. Bill Frist needs to learn that you can't run for president and run the Senate at the same time. This is a stupid, stupid idea. Unless the Republicans are going to cut spending to equal the rebate, pass higher CAFE standards, open up ANWAR, and encourage other conservation, this is just a stupid, irresponsible stunt.

Which, I fear, shoves me right into Andy Rooney mode: "Did you ever notice that when the GOP calls for tax cuts, they never call for cuts in the taxes nobody notices? The Feds take 18.4 cents on every single gallon of gas, and God knows how much on your phone bill, but you're paying it, and the Republicans are intent on making sure you continue to pay it so they can call for the sort of cuts that will get them headlines — or votes."

They're not getting Dan's, apparently:

I'm seriously thinking of voting Democratic this November. Seriously.

Note to RNC Chair Ken Mehlman: All your base are going to bolt.

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I much prefer my solution: send all the Senators -- both parties -- to Iraq in those lovely new Target-sponsored BDUs.

They can take point on patrol to help the coalition's counter-"insurgent" snipers locate their targets.

And for once actually do this country some good.

Posted by: McGehee at 3:37 PM on 1 May 2006