The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

30 April 2006

Preaching to the perverted

Once in a while, I surf over to the local craigslist, mostly to see if the personals have caught up in depravity with those in the bigger cities. (Short answer: Not quite, but give them time.)

Historically, the "casual encounters" page has come with the sort of disclaimer you'd expect, but now there's something extra:

please note the following, and choose safe sex for you and your partner:
  • anonymous sex with multiple partners greatly increases your risk of contracting STDs, including HIV

  • gay, bi & ts/tg men please check out this health alert (new)

  • ask your own questions in the safer sex forum, moderated by the folks from SF city clinic

Apparently this is being phased in on other editions of craigslist as well. Reasonable advice, I'd say, though (1) presumably everyone knows these things already and (2) compliance levels are likely to fall well short of 100 percent. Besides, rather a lot of these ads appear to be ill-disguised, if not un-disguised, spam.

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