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1 May 2006

I thought it said "dude ranch"

Tucson's La Tierra Linda Guest Ranch Resort, a favorite getaway for Hollywood types in the 1930s, has changed both its name (it's now Mira Vista) and its dress code (you no longer have to).

As usual with clothing-optional resorts, you're expected to be on your best behavior regardless of your lack of attire: says co-owner Dave Landman, you shouldn't do anything you wouldn't do in your mother's living room. I'm sure my mother would have pitched a fit if I'd showed up without my pajamas, but that was, like, years ago.

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Can't get that first link to open. Must be my anxiety over being a voyeur ... I mean ... voyager. Probably sweat running down into the mouse.

Posted by: Winston at 5:45 AM on 2 May 2006