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2 May 2006

Stuff and nonsense

I'm about 2.2 times the age of the average Stuff reader, but I figure, so long as they keep sending out the mag, I'll actually thumb through it once in a while.

Visitors to were asked this question:

With which politician would you least want to share a hotel towel on a nude beach?

By a decent if not overwhelming plurality, respondents declined to be parked next to Dick Cheney (42 percent); 32 percent chose Ted Kennedy, 15 percent Bill Clinton, and 11 percent John Kerry. I'm inclined to think that the rationale here wasn't political — what's the difference, voting-record-wise, between the two men from Massachusetts? — but spatial; with the relatively gaunt Kerry, you'd presumably have a more reasonably-sized fraction of the towel than with any of these other guys, all of whom to greater or lesser extent qualify as Chunky Style.

One can achieve this chunkiness by way of overindulgence in BBQ, which you're likely to do at any of the 21 places they recommend as having the best such in the USA. Included is Leo's at 36th and Kelley in Oklahoma City, about which they said this:

If nice decor is what you're after, go to T.G.I.Friday's, yuppie boy. If kick-ass ribs with throat-scorching hot sauce are your thing, Leo's is your place.

Of course, the wondrous thing about BBQ is that no one is ever wrong about the best place to get it, though I tend to be suspicious of any place where all the flatware matches.

Posted at 6:51 PM to Almost Yogurt

By a decent if not overwhelming plurality, respondents declined to be parked next to Dick Cheney (42 percent)...

That's because his first name isn't just for show. You say the wrong thing, just one wallop with it will be enough to make you not see straight until 20 January 2009.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:21 PM on 2 May 2006

I'm about 2.2 time the age of the average Stuff reader
You're 32?

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 7:27 AM on 3 May 2006

Naw. He's twenty-three. He just acts fourteen.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:54 AM on 3 May 2006