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3 May 2006

Looking to the edge of the glass

The state of things, according to Mr Bingley:

You have the Academic hard left slashing away at each other, the Democratic Party hard left splintering into various bickering factions, the ruling Republican Party spending like drunken sailors (no offense meant to the Navy) and no one generating any enthusiasm, and a great mass of the populace in between who really aren't thrilled by any of the potential choices out there. I know I'm sure not. We may be at as prime a time for a serious third party run as we've ever seen, which makes it all the more important that the Evan Bayhs don't get to put their ideas on the Electoral College in play.

Actually, Bayh strikes me as somewhat sane, except for that Electoral College business, which is yet another in a seemingly-endless series of whines about the 2000 election and its clear-to-everyone-except-the-losers outcome. And given that 85 percent of the population is said to believe that the government can actually do something about gas prices, a notion two parts desperation and one part residual belief in the Tooth Fairy, you will find it difficult indeed to persuade me, and perhaps others, that wisdom is somehow inherent in majorities. Especially those majorities.

But the larger point stands: how, in 2006 or in any year, do we benefit by throwing out thieving morons and replacing them with moronic thieves?

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Yeah, I think you've got that about the whining exactly right; I had thought Bayh was a little better than that. I guess he feels the need to throw a bone to the most vocal wing of his party.

And I'm not sure if flipping your question: "how, in 2006 or in any year, do we lose by throwing out thieving morons and replacing them with moronic thieves?" makes the answer any clearer.

Thanks for the link!

Posted by: Mr. Bingley at 10:29 AM on 3 May 2006