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3 May 2006

Sliding off to the right

Human Events Online has ranked the Ten Most Conservative Cities in the US, and Oklahoma City places third.


Very much a pro-oil city. According to The Almanac of American Politics, "Oil rigs were pumping crude on the grounds of the then-domeless Capitol until 1989; a derrick still stands sentinel outside the governor's window." Represented by GOP Rep. Ernest Istook (ACU lifetime: 94%; 2005: 96%) who says, "Oklahoma has the kind of values that the rest of the nation needs to have."

I dunno. I think the conservatism in these parts is probably more faith-based than oil-based. There's nothing inherently conservative about oil: its reputation as such seems to stem from its fondness for "business-friendly" policies, hardly remarkable for a major industry — even Hollywood, considered a "liberal" sort of industry, grubs for whatever tax incentives and such it can get — and the Great Combustible Satan image conjured up by the press and the Sierra Club.

As for Istook, I'm looking forward, as I always do, to voting for his opponent.

(Via former resident Cam Edwards, who also has questions.)

Posted at 8:08 PM to Political Science Fiction

Ah, but the most conservative faiths are oily! Remember your Confirmation ritual?

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 4:05 AM on 4 May 2006

I guessed that #1 would be Salt Lake City. I was close. (About 50 miles actually.)

Posted by: Bobbert at 3:11 PM on 4 May 2006

It's somehow reassuring to know that Idaho is represented. And OKC - well, that's just a given. Also good news.

Posted by: david at 6:07 PM on 4 May 2006