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4 May 2006

Bacon in the evening

Donna fights the urge to cut loose:

This evening was the annual community association meeting. In the front of the room sat the 6 board members. They talked a little business and then opened the floor to the people in attendance. One man came to defend himself. He painted his fence red without the written okay of the board. After he spoke, another person talked about the roots that are destroying the sidewalk in front of his house. When he finished, a woman quickly started complaining about the depth of mulch around her house. Once she finished, I raised my hand. I stood up, cleared my throat and almost said, "My name is Ren MacCormack and I would like to move on behalf of most of the senior class of Bomont High School that the law against public dancing within the town limits of Bomont be abolished."

Maybe it's just as well. Community associations tend to be humorless lots; they'd have looked at her as though she'd been sniffing spray starch or something.

(Actually, this might have gone over well in my neighborhood, or at least with the one or two people who would have gotten it.)

Posted at 7:13 AM to Almost Yogurt

"I would like to move that every comment made during a meeting be followed by a rimshot. Or, if that's too expensive, a laugh track."

Posted by: McGehee at 10:42 AM on 4 May 2006

buh dump bump! cha!

Posted by: Donna at 10:05 PM on 4 May 2006