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5 May 2006

Everybody was feng shui fighting

KRON-TV is located at 1001 Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco. This number, said a station executive's astrologer, was some kind of bad juju, and so the station has pasted the digits 5-5-2 adjacent to its actual number.

Be it noted that here in Oklahoma City, when we screw around with a TV station's address, our motivation is more mundane: promotional value. KFOR-TV, channel 4, which continues to occupy the same building it's been in for the last thirty years through three ownership changes, has somehow drifted from 500 East Britton Road to, um, 444.

When the FCC forces everyone onto digital channels, I suppose KFOR-DT will have to move; I don't see any way to wedge a "27" into the mix.

(Via Romenesko.)

Posted at 12:45 PM to Dyssynergy

Sacramento's Channel 3 fixed it by buying and renaming the street their headquarters are on. All the time I was growing up they were at 310 10th Street, but now it's "3 Television Circle."

Posted by: McGehee at 4:46 PM on 5 May 2006