The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

8 May 2006

Strange search-engine queries (14)

This is getting to be something of a habit, you know?

girls my shame is obscure nude:  Inasmuch as this came from Yemen, perhaps obscurity is in the searcher's best interest.

font dongbats:  That's dingbats. I hope.

I want to see nasty porn shots of Shania Twain:  That don't impress me much.

six years dakota fanning eighteen:  Do you think you could possibly hold it for six years? The girl is twelve, fercryingoutloud.

How to Send 1,000,000 emails for FREE:  Just in case he finds out, I'm blocking his IP address (

how much are jackboots worth?  That depends. How much dissent do you want crushed?

chlorethylene for warts:  Sounds like a fair trade.

"mccain republican":  Yeah, that's what they want you to think.

men have a higher IQ:  Than what?

"avoid an overlimit" capital one:  Um, don't charge so damn much?

I ate a whole pint of ice cream. What do I do:  Wait for your head to stop hurting.

what is a type o personality:  The type that makes lots of keyboard errors.

how to know how men feels:  You could try feeling one.

Posted at 6:04 AM to You Asked For It

I never get strange ones like that. Hmmm I must be fairly boring. LOL

Posted by: Diane at 6:56 AM on 8 May 2006

I saw the new sidebar photo. I should be so boring. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:23 AM on 8 May 2006