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8 May 2006

Reluctant adopter

My acceptance of That Which Is Downloadable wasn't particularly traumatic. Then again, it wasn't as big a change as this:

I've held out for over twenty years but I'm thinking that it might be time to lift my ban on compact discs. While I do have a few CDs, either left over from the days when I had a spouse with a CD player or purchased because Bruce Dickinson does not release his solo albums on LP, I generally avoid buying compact discs. I think they are sterile and unfriendly and the liner notes are too small, which I hate because I'm a compulsive liner note reader.

However, two things are making me think that I should add compact discs to my diet. I recently heard a rumor that MP3 sales are about to overtake CD sales. In fact, MP3 sales may have already overtaken CD sales. I wasn't paying such close attention to this new development. And then it hit me: if people are not buying CDs, CD stores will close and that is a problem because that is where I buy LPs.

Most of the stores that I frequent seem to carry LPs to humor people like me and not necessarily to make money. They make their money from the CDs. What happens if my stores do not make money from CDs? They close and I have no place to buy LPs or any future Bruce Dickinson solo CDs. I still prefer a CD over an MP3 any day, even if I did have the chance to download an entire album. Even if I could also download the art, I'd still have to burn a CD and create my own crappy label.

Some of us even do our own crappy art.

But there is a way out, sort of:

I'm thinking of getting a DVD player. I used to watch DVDs on the computer but now I'd rather have a separate player that actually faces a comfortable chair and gives me elbow room to play puzzles. Plus, you know, Bruce Dickinson DVD Anthology on June 20. Also, there are some episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on DVD that I do not have on VHS and MST3K is best viewed from a comfy chair. And don't DVD players also play CDs? (Seriously. I don't know.) If they do that would give me access to something that plays CDs and I could still go through life claiming that I don't own a CD player. It's technically correct, and according to Futurama that is the best kind of correct.

Every DVD player I've seen also plays CDs. I believe this is technically correct.

Posted at 2:34 PM to Tongue and Groove

The two non-computer DVD players I have both play MP3s and VCD/SVCDs as well as CDs. They aren't top-of-the-line by any stretch of the imagination, but neither are they bottom-of-the-barrel.

Posted by: unimpressed at 2:58 PM on 8 May 2006

Gee, now that CDs are rapidly on their way to becoming the also-ran format (they aren't there yet, but will be eventually), basically supplanting LPs/cassettes, he's getting on the shiny-disc bandwagon. Big surprise. And whenever the next dominant format comes around, he's suddenly find that MP3 religion.

It is hard work clinging to obsolecence, isn't it?

Posted by: CT at 7:03 PM on 8 May 2006

It's a she, and I'll tell you after I finish cleaning the Betamax.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:08 PM on 8 May 2006