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9 May 2006

Watch those standards

Sarah sometimes can't bring herself to post:

I've started several posts, but can’t seem to complete any of them. While there’s been much in the news lately that interests me, nothing interests me enough to write about it. I have, however, managed to produce several pages' worth of whiny, self-pitying bulls—t. These charming little vignettes of despair started out as posts, but are currently banished to Diary Purgatory while I determine their blog-appropriateness. I can't quite muster up the necessary level of self-indulgence needed to post them.

Is she kidding? Were it not for whiny, self-pitying BS, there'd be maybe 200 blogs instead of 200 million, and Dave Sifry could run Technorati off a Treo.

(I am not, incidentally, volunteering for Poster Child. Though I could.)

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Sarah describes exactly why I haven't bene posting lately. I've got a full-blown Jimmy Carteresque malaise going on.

And on top of that, I HATE these posts:
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