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9 May 2006

There is no news until 10 pm

KOTV is reporting that the third-penny sales tax in Tulsa has passed.

Interestingly, none of the major media outlets in Oklahoma City at this writing seems to have any numbers on the OG&E franchise election: I checked 4, 5, 9/NewsOK, 25, KTOK and KOKC radio, and not one has anything to say about it.

And it's not like it would have taken a long time to count the ballots or anything.

Posted at 9:43 PM to Dyssynergy

It's probably not considered important enough for them to report. They would rather report on "Breaking News" and I use that term loosely, as do they. Remember the old news saying; "If it bleeds, it leads." I think that still holds true.

Posted by: Mike Goodwin at 10:09 PM on 9 May 2006

I showed up at 6:30 p.m. to cast my NO vote on the OGE franchise election and that point I was voter #2 in my precinct (and there were no votes cast in the other precinct that votes at my polling place).

I wonder if OG&E paid off the news outlets to keep this whole election under wraps.

Posted by: J. M. Branum at 11:47 PM on 9 May 2006

Here's what Bob Waldrop said about it...

Posted by: J. M. Branum at 11:49 PM on 9 May 2006

Well, they certainly didn't send me a check.

It passed in the three municipalities in the county where it was on the ballot; in fact, Lake Aluma passed it unanimously. Then again, there were only 15 voters. (Population, 2000 Census: 97.)

The Oklahoma City count was 3170 to 735.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:33 AM on 10 May 2006