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12 May 2006

Replacing the Mick

With Mick Cornett now officially running for Congress, the logical question — apart from "What, is he nuts?" — is "So where's the next Mayor?"

It's hard to imagine any of the eight current Council members moving to the middle of the horseshoe, though if it came down to that, I think I could live with Sam Bowman from Ward 2, or maybe Patrick Ryan from Ward 8. (Disclosure: I live in Ward 2.)

Although if I had my druthers, I'd like to see Jim Tolbert, who ran against Cornett in 2004 after Kirk Humphreys took off in search of a Senate seat, try it again.

And a note to Persons Concerned: This is a non-partisan choice. Try to keep it that way this time, wouldja please?

Posted at 7:29 AM to City Scene

Kvestion: Does Cornett have to resign to run for an August primary he's almost certainly going to lose?

In other words, in the presidential candidate mold, why doesn't he just keep his day job? John Kerry didn't resign from the Senate in 2004 to run, nor did George W. Bush resign as governor of Texas in 2000 before the election was decided. Does the OKC Mayor not get the same choice, if the voters will allow it?

Posted by: Matt at 11:31 AM on 12 May 2006

So far as I know, there's no reason he couldn't, and indeed he says he will. (I didn't find anything in the Municipal Code that seemed pertinent.)

The last time we had a situation like this, Kirk Humphreys resigned as Mayor to run for the Senate; I don't remember anything that said he had to, but he argued that the city deserved a full-time Mayor, and campaigning statewide would have taken too much of his time. District 5 is rather less than a fifth of the state, size-wise, so perhaps Cornett doesn't see any problem.

Posted by: CGHill at 12:29 PM on 12 May 2006

This topic (without input from me) is getting a pretty intense airing at OKCTalk.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:01 PM on 12 May 2006