The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

13 May 2006

Quote of the week

Feline disdain for humanoids dates back at least as far as the Pharaohs, says Joe Goodwin, and not Sam the Sham's Pharaohs either:

I can see it now. Ramses II, Lord of All He Surveys and the Pyramids too, crooks his Egyptian-crook thingie at his loyal pet and bids him come forth to the throne for a little "scratchy-watchy", at which time the cat slowly turns its head and blinks, exactly once, as if to say "Uh, not in this dynasty, bub" and then proceed to dig scratch marks in the Royal Coffee Table of Ra.

Along these lines, otherwise well-meaning folk have occasionally suggested that I bring a cat into Surlywood. My usual response has been "If I wanted to be spurned, I could just try dating again. Same results, no litter box."

Posted at 11:13 AM to QOTW

I would have dumped my cat years ago if it weren't for the purring. Purring is like furry cocaine — one hit and you can't get enough. Evil little buggers, aren't they?

Posted by: Joe Goodwin at 9:58 PM on 13 May 2006

Hey, women purr too.
But usually that costs like a diamond necklace or something. ;)

Posted by: aka_monty at 11:40 PM on 13 May 2006

So where are the cats that spurn people? Mine are frequently at my feet begging for attention. My purpose in life is to pet them on demand.

Posted by: Lynn S at 7:19 AM on 14 May 2006

A good reason to keep cats outside, where ours are. They seem to appreciate us detached "masters" a bit more and can devote their full attention to the local rodents.

Posted by: Mike at 9:21 AM on 14 May 2006

Heh. Lynn S nailed it. My raison d'etre (according to the cat) is to pet him any time he wants. Which is pretty much 24/7, no matter what I'm doing.

He does not take it well that I don't accede to his demands until I've got the time.

Posted by: Jeffro at 10:32 PM on 14 May 2006