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14 May 2006

Powerful motivation

Boy, do I know what this is like:

I have decided I am sick of this, and as soon as I can I am moving into a house, preferably one I own. I want a freaking yard between me and the specimens of humanity I have to share the earth with.

Especially if they're specimens like this:

[T]he idiots upstairs had another all-night party, which apparently involved playing hackey-sack, and the constant drunken, shouted conversation of some idiotic, flat-voiced woman.

I've never regretted it, not even when I saw the property-tax bill.

Posted at 6:17 PM to Dyssynergy

My neighbors manage to annoy me in spite of the vast yardage.

Posted by: aldahlia at 7:03 PM on 14 May 2006

I still apartment dwell, though I chose an upper floor specifically for that reason. I have yet to hear a peep from anyone. I used to get the occasional bass through the sidewall of the neighbor, but the walls are so insulated, it was barely noticeable. Besides, he moved out, and all is peaceful again.

Posted by: Mike Goodwin at 5:49 AM on 15 May 2006

Given the amount of spilled beer I've seen in the hallways of my building, it's been relatively quiet. Sadly, it looks like the only type of place I could afford to buy (if I were looking to do so) would be a condo, which might as well be an apartment. Phooey.

Posted by: Erica at 6:28 PM on 15 May 2006

Besides, there's always a balance to be struck between being in the middle of things and getting away from it all.

I hit it lucky, I think.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:44 PM on 15 May 2006

I didn't mention the people in the apartment right next to mine. Both of them have the odd custom of having their phone conversations outside, in front of both our doors (the apartments are mirror images, and my door is right next to theirs) where I can clearly hear everything, not the least due to the fact that one of the women of the house has the harshest, raspiest, most awful macaw-scream of a voice I have ever heard. And when she moved in she was careful to announce that she and her roommate "were quiet people." They moved here from Gainesville, a university town -- I can only imagine they lived on frat row and had a rather different definition of "noisy" than I do.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 9:01 PM on 15 May 2006