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15 May 2006

In the Lord's corner

KFOR-TV newsman and "In Your Corner" host Brad Edwards, in a coma since last Tuesday, died this morning.

Edwards filed his last report from his hospital room the preceding Monday night. He had worked for Channel 4 for thirty-three years after serving in the Air Force as a military broadcaster in Southeast Asia; he was one of the last staff members who had worked for the station when it was WKY-TV and owned by the Oklahoma Publishing Company. (OPUBCO sold the station in 1975; the new owners took over in January 1976 and took on the call letters KTVY.)

(Previous coverage here.)

Posted at 2:32 PM to City Scene , Overmodulation

That is really sad. It shocked me when I heard about his coma. The way the press made it sound, I doubted he would pull out of it. I remember when KFOR was WKY and remember him well from those years.

Posted by: Mike Goodwin at 5:38 PM on 15 May 2006

Man ... ya just never know when your nickel is up. I just saw Brad at the CompUSA store a few months ago. Looked great, chatting with folks and being Brad.

OKC is gonna miss that guy. RIP

Posted by: Ron at 8:35 AM on 16 May 2006