The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

16 May 2006

Ol' peckerhead

This site has been added to Blogs with a Face; sensibly, the proprietor thereof has chosen to ignore my personal fizzog, and include instead The Bird™ from the site logo.

Well, they never said it had to be a human face.

(Aside: Huffington is kinda cute at low resolution.)

Posted at 6:01 AM to Blogorrhea

VERY low-resolution -- and with her mouth shut, ideally.

Posted by: david at 10:59 AM on 16 May 2006

Good grief! Cool idea but I sat here for over five minutes waiting for all the pictures to load. Less than a third had by the time I finally gave up. I'm going to start a rights organization for people who are still on dial-up.

Posted by: Lynn S at 1:09 PM on 17 May 2006