The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

16 May 2006

Did they mean Mark Cuban?

Cuban president Fidel Castro says that Forbes' estimate of his wealth — $900 million or so — is about $900 million too high, and that if the United States can prove that he's this rich, he will resign.

Forbes noted in its original article that "Castro, for the record, disagrees, insisting his personal net worth is zero."

Inasmuch as my personal net worth is greater than zero, though not much, I'm inclined to believe Forbes over Fidel.

Posted at 3:18 PM to Dyssynergy

Imagine the scenario-Forbes sends a meek little accountant-imagine Gene Wilder's Leo Bloom from "The Producers"-to Havana with a spreadsheet definitively proving Fidel is worth $900 mil. Imagine what the little man would scream as the executioners prepared "Bloom" for the firing squad-"But I followed generally accepted accounting principles!"

Posted by: John Salmon at 5:54 PM on 16 May 2006