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17 May 2006

The advantage of Anytime Minutes

In the previous entry, I reported that some poll or other had determined that IT is the most stressful job on earth.

This determination may well have been premature. It certainly looks like customer service in Gaza might be worse:

Palestinian gunmen stormed the headquarters of mobile company Jawwal in Gaza on Tuesday in protest at having their phones cut off, employees said.

They said around 20 gunmen entered the building saying their cellphone memory cards were not working. A short while later they began shooting, damaging over 10 computers but causing no casualties.

Jawwal is the mobile subsidiary of Palestinian telecoms firm PalTel, which operates in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

I can't imagine this happening Stateside. Not even to Cingular.

(Via Snoopy the Goon.)

Posted at 6:03 AM to Dyssynergy

New Verizon commercial. "Can you hear me now? Good!" as gun is casually pointed at the customer service agent.

Posted by: Mike Goodwin at 8:46 AM on 17 May 2006

I can't imagine this happening Stateside. Not even to Cingular.

During the last days of our affiliation with AT&T Wireless, the thought of taking that kind of ... affirmative action, might have been appealing.

Cingular's actually been pretty good to us. But then, if our health insurance outfit had performed like AT&T Wireless, we'd find CFI Care to be incredibly warm and compassionate by comparison.

Posted by: McGehee at 12:36 PM on 17 May 2006

I wonder if Jawwal stuck em with the $250 "early termination fee" .... mwahahahahahaha

Posted by: Ron at 7:48 AM on 18 May 2006