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17 May 2006

Minor deficiencies

We are none of us perfect, but this seems a bit much:

I think we girls do have to accept those imperfections — that slightly crooked nose, that awkward gait, the bad taste in shirts, a tendency to be late, propensity to lose keys, the inability to fix things, the ineptitude in hanging anything straight, the annoying sneeze, irksome in-laws, the sloppy cereal eating, the choppy lawn maintenance, the need to have shoes lined up or enjoying slopping muddy shoes across the floor — you know, every single happily married person I know has mentioned one of the above and many many many more.

Just for the record, I am very seldom late.

Posted at 7:15 AM to Table for One

You'd be amazed at what female types will put up with as long as their old man can provide that consistent orgasm that other gents cannot...

Posted by: paulsmos at 12:23 PM on 17 May 2006

What's the old line-A man wants his wife not to change...but she does. A woman wants her husband to change, but he's watching ESPN and is too busy to notice.

All kidding aside-the air of moral superiority women get about these things gets a little thick sometimes. There's a (serious) quote from C.S. Lewis-"We are all fallen and difficult to live with." Both sexes.

Posted by: John Salmon at 7:56 PM on 17 May 2006

Sorry, didn't get that last comment.

I think you are taking what Jeannine wrote out of context. You are making it sound like she's super-critical, when she's doing the opposite and saying all these things her married friends mentioned don't matter in the end.

But I like your Lot joke, is that original?

Posted by: huh at 7:59 PM on 17 May 2006

Nothing here is original if I can help it.

Actually, I wasn't trying to make Jeannine look super-critical so much as I was trying to make myself look, well, about as pathetic as I usually do.

Last time I wrote seriously on this subject, I said this:

Women, I have always believed, have a Mate Template of sorts, and whether a man has any chance with her depends on how closely he conforms to the standards she has proposed. Some points are more negotiable than others, and perhaps some won't budge in the slightest, but ultimately, what determines the course of the relationship is how much she's willing to compromise on that template.

I don't think anyone's template is flexible enough to accommodate the likes of me. Then again, I'm not exactly an unbiased observer.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:10 PM on 17 May 2006

Bah! Women are incapable of tolerating perfection in men. I can say this with assurance, because women are incapable of tolerating me.

What's that, Sweetie? Just a second, I'll be right along...

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 3:56 AM on 18 May 2006

Ah, a "modern" woman who is learning what we older pre women's lib women always knew: You pick out a man who is reliable and who will treat you like a queen, and then you treat him like a king.

Posted by: Nancy Reyes at 6:04 AM on 20 May 2006

I am always surprised when I am treated better than, say, the five of spades.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:55 AM on 20 May 2006