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19 May 2006

But of course

My camera expertise is somewhere between Not Much and Hardly Any, but I do know what a cable release is, and this made me laugh:

[There are] two types of "cable release" attachments available for my Canon Rebel: One is wireless, one actually runs a cable between you, the shutter release and the camera. I opted for the latter.

The shutter release with wire was ten dollars more. I thought that wireless technology would be more expensive, but the expert explained it this way: "It's because of all that extra, you know, wire and stuff."

I once had a VCR with a remote control attached via a cable. I think they charged $59 extra for it. Nowadays that will buy you a handful of "universal" remotes that will run half a dozen different devices, and not a cord in the bunch.

Then again, JVC used to sell a joystick (with wire) for my stereo receiver: it served as four-channel balance control. Or that's what they say in the manual, anyway, since I never bought it.

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But of course the "cable" in a cable release is not an electric wire; it's a long, flexible metal shaft that actually has to slide smoothly within its casing for 10 or 25 or 50 feet. I can understand why such a device would cost more to produce than a wireless remote.

Posted by: Sean Gleeson at 7:46 AM on 19 May 2006

It certainly explains why people break the hood releases on their cars, which often use similar technology, and seldom get them fixed.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:55 AM on 19 May 2006