The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

19 May 2006

Quoting a spokesperson

It's Bike to Work Day, and there really hasn't been a lot of promotion locally, possibly because it's supposed to get up to 95 this afternoon.

I didn't see an unusual number of bicyclists this morning, but then most of my commute is along the freeway, where bicycles are discouraged. KGOU radio is supplementing its traffic reports with reminders ("look out for bicycles"), which seems sensible.

Posted at 7:53 AM to Almost Yogurt

I considered biking to work that day...until I remembered that I'd have to go from Midwest City to Lake Hefner.

And then I remembered that I'm too lazy to ride around the block.


Posted by: aka_monty at 10:35 PM on 20 May 2006

I suspect that if I'd left at my usual 6:40 Friday morning, I'd have arrived right about now.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:10 PM on 20 May 2006