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19 May 2006

Meanwhile, Leonardo snickers from a cloud

The LOOK@OKC blogger known as 3E weighs in on The Da Vinci Code:

The Baptist Messenger recently devoted a near entire issue to "combating" the message of the Da Vinci Code. Including how and when to use tracks w/ the unbeliever. It also suggested that newly "saved" believers may need to be discouraged from viewing the movie, so as not to endanger their souls.

Of all the things to get worked up over. Poverty? Nah. Discrimination? Nah. Senseless War? Nah. Nepotism in Politics? Nah. Corruption? Nah. A work of Fiction? Well gulldarnit, now the collective masses are worried.

Then again, Bad Santa ruined Christmas for me, so maybe their fears have some basis.

Posted at 3:28 PM to Immaterial Witness

Oliver Stone never described "JFK" as being, exactly, factual, but his purpose seemed to be to move opinion in a certain direction. Was that Dan Brown's purpose? Or Ron Howard's? Who knows, but people who think Brown is wrong have the right to say so.

I hadn't known, till now, that there was an approved list of things worth getting upset about.

The word, 3E, is "tracts", by the way.

Posted by: John Salmon at 4:11 PM on 19 May 2006

Just what year did Bad Santa come out? 'Cause you've hated Christmas as long as I've known you. That's what, fifteen years or more now?

Posted by: wamprat at 4:48 PM on 19 May 2006

There is hatred and there is bitter, dripping, disgusted hatred.

I figure it's curable, but I need to stay away from it for awhile.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:41 PM on 19 May 2006

The problem with the Duh Vinci Con isn't that it's fiction, or even bad fiction, it's that Dan Brown is selling it as a "based on a true story" -- or rather, based on "true" facts -- tale, when in fact much of what it posits as "facts" is actually a mixture of anti-Catholic urban legends and anti-Semitic scams that were disproven decades ago. And this warmed-over anti-Catholic version of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion wouldn't be such a bad thing -- it would be another forgotten paperback in the remainders bin with the cover torn off -- if the state of education in the Western world -- the most powerful, most educated, and most industrialized part of the world -- hasn't fallen to such an abysmal state that countless fans of the book are saying it really "made them think" and made them question their faith and sent them looking for this so-called "sacred feminism" and all the yada yada. And it's also dreadfully written -- if I'd turned in an essay written in the style that Brown uses to my 8th grade English teacher I'd have received it back covered with red marks. But it's just fiction, yay yippee, let's all escape, it's just a storybook, people, not to worry!

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 8:05 PM on 19 May 2006

I wonder how many of these Suddenly Spiritual types believe, despite assurances from the Weekly World News, that Elvis is still alive.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:11 PM on 19 May 2006

Well, since the DaVinci code says Jesus was not God but just an ordinary guy who spawned a lot of European Kings, it seems more silly than blaphemous. Divine right of kings, anyone?
Ironically, the Philippine Bishops conference, while educating people on it, actually did not forbid people from seeing it, and told the government not to bother to ban it here, although it has an adult rating... they said if your faith was so weak that movie threatened it, you weren't very strong in your faith to begin with.
And they agreed with you: they are concetrating on poverty and government corruption rather than a stupid film.

Posted by: Nancy Reyes at 5:56 AM on 20 May 2006

The problem with the Duh Vinci Con isn't that it's fiction, or even bad fiction, it's that Dan Brown is selling it as ... "based on a true story"

That's pretty much my objection to it, insofar as I have any concerns about how other people will react to it.

As for what to be concerned about, I think it's kind of valid for Christians to be concerned about souls at least as much as bodies, and it would be a shame if people fell for this book and lost their faith as a result.

Furthermore, my understanding of Christianity is that "you were never very strong in your faith to begin with" isn't very ... Christian.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:19 AM on 20 May 2006