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20 May 2006

Half of a dark horse

An unexpected semi-hemi-demi-endorsement from Sean Gleeson:

Q.  Name one Democrat you'd vote for president in 2008.

A.  Blogger Charles Hill (writer of is the only registered Democrat I would even consider voting for any office, and even then it would depend on who the Republican opponent was. If Hill ran against Arlen Specter, sure.

This declaration, of course, will be of invaluable importance to other Oklahomans concerned with Pennsylvania politics.

My potential as a Senator, I suspect, would be decidedly limited:

I have a simplistic (if correct!) view of the big issues, a tiresomely detailed view of the small things that matter not, and no time for the big muddled middle where most of life actually takes place.

If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve. If mailed the paychecks nevertheless, I will cash them with a heavy heart: really, the people of Oklahoma (or Pennsylvania) deserve so much better.

Actually, this speech was swiped from James Lileks, declining to run for Senator from Minnesota in aught-six; I suppose that my mentioning it here demonstrates my own qualifications, in that I can plagiarize at least as well as Joe Biden. (Or maybe not, since I did link to the original.)

And I don't have any political plans: I'd hate to have to build an extension to a closet just to accommodate all the skeletons.

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That "jumping on the backs of alligators" talent would come in handy in the political world. You got my vote.

Posted by: Mike at 1:17 PM on 20 May 2006

I wasn't imagining you running for Specter's senate seat; I was imagining you running against Specter for the presidency.

Posted by: Sean Gleeson at 1:21 PM on 20 May 2006

Given the fact that Specter's Presidential possibilities are about even with mine, which is to say zilch, I figured the smaller race might make for a better comparison — and it required less verbiage to fit in the Lileks piece, which I've been wanting to use for ages now.

Like the guy who started with one red paperclip and will almost certainly get a house someday, I believe in keeping one's aspirations small. At first.

I remember a Pat Paulsen Presidential campaign bit in which he was trying to wangle an endorsement out of Pierre Salinger, and Salinger finally gave him one, sort of: "I think you'd make a great President — of the West Hollywood Rotary Club."

Posted by: CGHill at 2:22 PM on 20 May 2006

Well, I'm with Sean. You are definitely a Democrat I would vote for before -- actually quite a number of present incumbent Republicans including Specter.

Posted by: McGehee at 2:43 PM on 21 May 2006

First, you'll need to clarify your views-are you a right-leaning quasi-libertarian lefty, or a left leaning quasi-conservative syndicalist? Yes or no?

Posted by: John Salmon at 7:40 PM on 21 May 2006