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20 May 2006

Frantic Freddie fades

There are four patterns to doing the Freddie, as derived by the late Freddie Garrity, leader of Freddie and the Dreamers. The song lists them as follows:

  • Happy Feet
  • Limey Bop
  • Freddie
  • Swingin' Beat

Not that Freddie ever limited himself to these four steps, as this video demonstrates.

The Dreamers wound up being categorized as a band for the kiddies, mostly because they recorded this relentlessly happy stuff in an era when pop was starting to discover the Dark Side. (And, well, "A Windmill in Old Amsterdam," the tale of rather a lot of Dutch mice, didn't exactly portend a change in the band's fortunes.) Their last release as a band was "Susan's Tuba," composed by fellow Mancunian and erstwhile Mindbender Graham Gouldman, produced by Ritchie Cordell.

After an American tour in 2004 with a revamped set of Dreamers, the original band having long since retired, Freddie fell ill; the end came yesterday, during medical treatment in North Wales. Freddie was sixty-nine years old, which somehow seems improbable: he should be forever twentysomething and dancing.

Obligatory Blogorrhea: Perennial heartthrob and rock maven Dawn Eden once wrote the liner notes for a Freddie and the Dreamers compilation.

(With thanks to Jay Solo.)

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