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20 May 2006

So full faith and credit does work

From my archives, March 2004:

The story so far:
  • Massachusetts same-sex couple adopts child from Oklahoma, seeks state birth certificate.
  • Department of Health asks Attorney General what the law specifies.
  • AG responds that it's a legal adoption, even if the parents don't qualify under Oklahoma law; Health duly issues certificate.
  • Republican lawmakers vow to do something about it.

They did, and what they did has now been undone: U.S. District Judge Robin Cauthron ruled on Friday that the state law banning recognition of out-of-state adoptions by same-sex parents is unconstitutional.

Health will duly reissue the certificate.

And with all other state issues now resolved, expect a GOP House member — probably Balkman, Kern or Williamson — to come up with a slightly-reworded version of the unacceptable bill (a Williamson production) in an effort to save face.

Posted at 5:44 PM to Soonerland

I know its redundant but I just gotta say it: At a time when we need the full attention of our house and senate members to work on the budget and other needs of the state they are constantly coming up with this wacky shit. They KNOW its going to be overturned because it is unconstitutional but they keep trying. I guess they think if they keep tearing up the pavement the horse and buggy will remain supreme ... but deep down inside they know the car is coming.

Posted by: Ron at 9:49 AM on 22 May 2006