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21 May 2006

Younger and darker

Based on no personal experience whatsoever, I figured that the primary market for nude recreation is, well, me: an old more-or-less white guy. This notion has been continually reinforced by endless discussions on message boards of the ongoing failure to attract a younger and/or more ethnically-diverse clientele at the parks and resorts.

Color me wrong on all counts:

15% of adults consider a resort that offers a nude recreation experience extremely desirable;

Significant differences stand out with Echo-Boomers and Xers interest in nude recreation overtaking that of the Boomers and Matures. The percentage of adults who consider a nude recreation experience extremely/very desirable include:

  • 23% of Echo-Boomers (born since 1979)
  • 18% of Xers (born from 1965 through 1978)
  • 15% of Boomers (born from 1946 through 1964)
  • 12% of Matures (born before 1946)

Non-whites (28%) and African Americans (30%) find nude recreation experiences more desirable than their white counterparts (13%).

I should point out here that I have two children, a very early Echo-Boomer and one of the last of the Xers, and both of them would be horrified at such a thing.

Posted at 10:01 AM to Birthday Suitable

Echo-Boomer? I have never heard that particular term before. And I'm strangely proud to have just made the cutoff to be considered an Xer.

Maybe you need to do some reconnaissance, Chaz.

Posted by: Erica at 9:50 AM on 22 May 2006

I realize that they have to set the delimiters somewhere, but I don't really understand how someone born in 1978 is all that different from someone born in 1979. (I guess it would have been a Major Issue in 1999, when the younger one would still theoretically have been turned away at bars, but otherwise, it seems purely arbitrary.)

Besides, how come we have 19 years of those farging Boomers and only 14 of GenX?

Posted by: CGHill at 10:06 AM on 22 May 2006