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26 May 2006

Time to burn the hydrocarbons

There are two service stations along my daily commute whose prices tend to be a few hours in front of everyone else's, and in the past few weeks those prices have tended to change on Thursday, so with the Memorial Day drivefest coming up, I was wondering yesterday just what sort of unpleasant surprises were in store.

And as I passed by yesterday afternoon, one station had dropped its price by two cents, while the other was unchanged. Curious, I thought. Maybe they're waiting until tomorrow.

Comes the morning. Prices are exactly what they were 14 hours ago.

Surely we're not actually going to catch a break this weekend, are we?

Posted at 7:26 AM to Family Joules

The prices are ramped up so high that when we see a two cent drop we are thankful. I know, I'm looking for the lowest price now.

Posted by: Duke at 7:58 AM on 26 May 2006

I seriously doubt we will catch a break over the weekend. I think the gas stations are just trying to lure all of us into a false sense of security before they jack up the prices just when you are getting ready to leave for the lake.

Posted by: belhoste at 8:40 AM on 26 May 2006

Up here the prices almost always go up on Thursdays, unless there's a holiday weekend coming up, in which case the day varies (usually Wednesday afternoon).

This Wednesday, the prices jumped between 15 and 20 cents (no small jumps here), but yesterday morning they started falling. This morning they were down to about 10 cents above last week's low, or 10-15 cents below the "jumped-to" high.

Looks to me like demand was down from what was expected at the higher price, so the companies reconsidered (or somebody decided to undercut the others). I'm really not sure if that's how it works, but that's what it looks like from this end...

Posted by: Steve G. at 12:24 PM on 26 May 2006

Duke is right. The gasoline marketers have outsmarted us. Raise prices extra high to catch some windfall profits and then lower them a bit and consumers feel they are "getting a break".

Posted by: MikeH at 1:47 PM on 26 May 2006

And as of 5 pm, the prices at these two stations were unchanged. (The lower, for the curious, was $2.579.)

Posted by: CGHill at 5:23 PM on 26 May 2006

Duke stole my comment.
They screwed us over so hard that now we think they're heroes for not raising the prices for holiday travel.

But we're onto them....
Unfortunately, I still need to purchase gas.

Posted by: aka_monty at 8:33 PM on 26 May 2006

Here in Newnan there has been no rhyme or reason to gas prices in the past few weeks. On one occasion earlier this month the best price for regular unleaded jumped by almost 20 cents.

As of last night the best price was almost back down to what it was before the drop, and if I thought I was going to need a fill-up this weekend I would have been on it like Cynthia McKinney on a Capitol policeman.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:02 AM on 27 May 2006

Freudian slip. Or something.

...almost back down to what it was before the drop... should read, "...almost back down to what it was before the jump..."

Posted by: McGehee at 8:03 AM on 27 May 2006

As of 3 pm Saturday, those two stations were still at those same prices.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:48 PM on 27 May 2006