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28 May 2006

Darth Mall

You have to figure that when street gangs take over a shopping mall, that's it for the actual shoppers: they won't get near the place. No doubt this is why Sheriff John Whetsel has declined to fix the blame for yesterday's shooting at Crossroads on gang involvement.

Meanwhile, Wild Bill watches the video footage so you don't have to. One witness interviewed on camera:

I hear a shot pop off and next thing I know I see two comin around the corner. One got shot here in the shoulder from the back and he ended up layin inside the Garfield's entrance and then another one comes around the corner and he gets dropped in the back of the head. There's been animosity between them all day. It was either the Southside Locos and the Jaritos or the Centrals.

Then there's this:

Oklahoma City Police are well aware of how bad the conditions are at Crossroads. One of my instructors at school who is an officer with the Santa Fe Division told us in class that it was only a matter of time before a shooting happened at Crossroads. He said he could go in there at any given time and identify groups of gang members. On a couple of occasions, he has gone in there for lunch and could see the tension between the rival gangs. He also stated that the police have contacted the management and they act as if the police are over reacting and it is not a problem.

Crossroads has four anchor slots, three of which are filled with actual anchor stores. (A casual-clothing outlet doth not an anchor make.) With JCPenney reportedly planning a new store in Midwest City, the Crossroads location may become expendable; Macy's, which is inheriting the local Foley's stores, might also reconsider whether it needs this one. (Dillard's just closed Heritage Park and presumably is not in a mood to shut down more stores right away.) Add to this the trend away from enclosed malls in general, and you can start counting the days until this big box empties out for good.

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