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30 May 2006

Cheezit, the fuzz

"Defoliating a Victory Garden sure works up an appetite." — George Tirebiter, Sr.

Sunday I brought up the possibility that women might suddenly decide that depilation isn't worth the bother.

In a wholly-unrelated survey, Treehugger is asking its female readers if they shave.

You might assume that because it's Treehugger, there is going to be a substantial percentage (though not, as of this writing, anywhere near a majority) that wouldn't dream of such a thing. And, for the same reason, there just about has to be a response like this:

Don't forget those of us who use heated tree-sap wax to remove our "unwanted" hair. Legs are left smooth and supple, and the wax is tossed into a "green bin" as part of the local recycling program. Though it hurts more, it does last longer — and there are no plastic razors or disposable blades to toss out.

Waste not, want not.

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Though it hurts more...

The purely partisan part of me wants to know: What's the downside?

Posted by: McGehee at 2:11 PM on 31 May 2006