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1 June 2006

Three deuces and a four-speed

You won't see that, nor will there be a 389. For that matter, there won't be any GTO for a couple of years. But General Motors has apparently figured out that if Pontiac has a future, it's as a purveyor of performance carswithout front-wheel drive.

And without SUVs and minivans, either; the Montana SV6 has already been banished, and they'd just as soon you didn't remember the Aztek.

This plan fits into the overall repositioning of GM's "minor" labels, with Buick to be pushed as a near-luxury brand and also to be shorn of its trucks, which presumably will wind up as GMCs.

What I'd want from Pontiac, though, is something along the lines of the '59 Catalina: spacious (Wide-Track, even), not overly decorated, a family car for the faster-than-average family. It may be a while before we see this. Too much of a while, says Mickey Kaus:

If GM were a software company they'd be out of business due to a fatally slow reaction-time. Heck, if they were a blog they might be out of business.

How long have I been running this same template?

Posted at 7:27 AM to Driver's Seat

Good God! What a flashback to my childhood ... we had a blue '59 Pontiac Catalina. My dad traded the '58 Chevy in on it ...

Posted by: Ron at 8:23 AM on 1 June 2006

My God -- signs of intelligent life at GM!

Posted by: McGehee at 10:21 AM on 1 June 2006

There has to be one, once in a while.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:49 PM on 3 June 2006