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1 June 2006

Well, somebody got a big box here

The saga of Tulsa's Eastland Mall (only slightly hinted at here) has taken some strange twists.

Jennifer Weaver reports:

I have been in communication with Councilor [Dennis K.] Troyer and he told me the [rezoning] application would be withdrawn, and he even came by in person to tell me the application had been withdrawn. Then, the following day, the Tulsa World had an article (pdf) that states [Ed] Kallay realizes he doesn't need the IL zoning, but some "variances". Mr. Kallay made a point to reemphasize his initial plan. But, as Roemerman on Record states, the application has not been withdrawn, as of today. Councilor Troyer was awaiting a call to verify this.

In the meantime, the rumor mill is churning with even talk of a casino. Now, if Mr. Kallay is seeking variances, that leaves more questions. Moreover, Mr. Kallay does not actually own the mall, it still belongs to [Haywood] Whichard of NSC New Markets Real Estate, LLC. Variances are very wide ranging, and will follow the ownership of the mall.

So who's calling the shots here? Or are Kallay and Whichard in cahoots? And if they are, what's the harm in saying so? Or is there a third party, yet unnamed, tugging at both their strings?

Skullduggery, thy name is Tulsa.

(Via BatesLine.)

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