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1 June 2006

Drinking out of the Tidal Basin again

Wonkette, reporting on the assault on an aide to Senator Jim Inhofe outside the Bricktown Ballpark:

If you name your nightlife district "Bricktown," you're just asking for shit like this to happen.

Now that's hitting below the Beltway.

I did like their article title, even though it will prevent me from using it myself: "Welcome to the OKC, bitch."

Then again, maybe it won't.

Posted at 5:23 PM to City Scene

Wait a minute! Isn't Anna Marie Cox from Baltimore where the "Block" is well-known as the epitome of seediness?

Posted by: mike at 6:13 PM on 1 June 2006

Whatever her connection to Charm City, she hasn't been doing the blog for some time now; it took two guys to replace her.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:24 PM on 1 June 2006