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2 June 2006

One new hat in the ring

Blogger, Web designer, political activist, and occasional dustbury reader J. M. Branum has announced his candidacy for the District 99 House seat being vacated by Opio Toure due to state term limits. The District covers most of the east side of the city south of NE 23rd Street, with a strip extending more or less parallel to the Broadway Extension to within a mile and a half of Edmond.

Branum is filing as an independent, but he's also seeking support from the Green Party, and he may do well in this heavily-Democratic district.

His issues include a moratorium on the death penalty while seeking support for discontinuing it altogether; a more-progressive tax system and a state minimum wage based on the "living wage" concept; support for alternative transportation; and the improvement of ballot access for non-major party candidates.

Posted at 2:46 PM to Soonerland

I support him on the ballot access issues. No question about it. I wish him the best in his independent run, though I disagree with his socialist politics. His membership in the National Lawyers Guild (Communist Party USA front group for years), Industrial Workers of the World (Wobblies) and other far-left associations would keep my vote from him (if I lived in his district). However, I have to applaud his guts to run.

Posted by: MikeSwi... at 5:11 PM on 2 June 2006

Exactly. I am disappointed with current 2 parties, but if the alternative is "independent" who is a socialist, supported by the Greens and the one for minimum wage/progressive tax system - I'd rather vote Marcian.

Posted by: Tatyana at 6:46 PM on 2 June 2006

Thanks for the mention.

Also, here's my campaign website:

Lastly, in response to the comment by Mike... The NLG is anti-capitalist but is not a communist front organization. Some of its members are/were communists, some Greens, some democrats, but there's no single vision except that of opposition to the idea that property rights trump human rights and that of equality (the NLG was the first inter-racial bar association in the USA). It certainly would be fair to say the Guild is a far-left organization, but it is not a "front" as it is a democratic organization that is not controlled by the Communist Party or any other outside organization.

Posted by: J. M. Branum at 7:19 PM on 6 June 2006